Look for the  NEW BlockClaim™App ...

The A-Team is working on getting the project fully launched.  

Here is a simple synopsis of the activities so far



Stage One:  ICO

  • The ICO is completed ...

Here are the Stats:

  • Over 2000 participants in the ICO
  • 4.7 Million ASTRcoin® tokens distributed
  • Over 249,000 followers on Facebook; with 300,000 to 800,000 weekly readerships

Significant public support in media and social networks 


Stage Two: Deploy the Alpha & Beta BlockClaim™ System Listing on several exchanges & Development:


  • Multiple exchanges are presently reviewing our applications for listing 
  • Developing several strategic partnerships
  • Building a significant market capitalization (our market is growing)
  • Creating strong reasons to purchase ASTRcoin® as a currency and as an investment


Special Opportunities for ICO Participants coming soon:


  • Deploy the "ALPHA" pre-claim for early-adopters 
  • Alpha Pre-BlockClaim™ system to be available to ICO participants 
  • New "Friends and Family" BlockClaim™ system to be established soon



Stage Three: Deploying the Completed BlockClaim™ System

  • Over 100,000 Asteroid to be listed within the 1st system release
  • 200,000 full BlockClaims™ secured which will provide ASTRcoin™ a $200,000,000,000 ($200 Billion Dollar claim valuation)
  • ASTRcoin™ has the opportunity to grow in a transactional sense which eventuates in a "true" currency to be invested in upcoming Space Tech


We want to ensure the best experience as we explore the stars together.

The website will be fully operational soon.  

Thank you in advance for your patience and continued support.

For more: [email protected]




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