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Space is Ours!

We believe everyone should make their claim to the inestimable value of Space. It is truly the next financial revolution. It is time to combine the genius of Cryptocurrency with the immutable ledger of a BlockClaim™.   

The Outer Space Treaty guarantees us this right, and blockchain technology gives us the method.  

Join with the many and most, and become a part of history as we ALL reach to the Stars.

Safe & Secure

We are writing code to ensure your BlockClaim™ is kept in an immutable record for you and your posterity

Mobile Apps

Look for our new apps and be sure to share!


We will suggest wallets to keep your ASTRcoin® secure

Community Support

The A-Team is helping the community understand the importance of our objectives and newbies are always welcome

Instant Exchange

We will help you learn how to use the exchange to convert into your favorite 'fiat' currency

Learning How

We will help you learn how to use the new currency to achieve your goals for you and your family

The blockchain has far-reaching implications for the structure of societies being built today. Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies are quickly becoming the bedrock of sustainable communities.

There is also potential to shift how data is stored and moved. There are many ways to integrate blockchains and Cryptocurrencies into a business process or application.

The BlockClaim™ is defining a new Space economy today. We have created a currency, called an ASTRcoin™, to represent the inestimable value of space.  A  BlockClaim™ uses a smart contract structure in a decentralized financial transaction.   Together we will create the new Space Currency.  

It is an exciting time to be alive as we see the new frontier of Space become ours. New opportunities abound and we need a new way to provide an immutable record of universal claims.

The ASTRcoin™ and a BlockClaim™ will provide this methodology. 

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The ASTRcoin™ Advantage

Unlike many other Cryptocurrencies, ASTRcoin™ is a True Currency presently used to purchase a BlockClaim™ but will be used in the future to invest in Space Mining companies, development of Asteroid Impact defenses, Space Ports and even Space Elevators.  As the technology matures so will the ASTRcoin™.  Quite possibly, ASTRcoin™ will be a true Space Currency.  Frankly, it is up to us. As our constituency grows so does our ability to initiate Space Law, develop new methodologies to mine and secure the vast wealth of Space as well all claim what is undeniably ours.


Watch as we grow.  Each week over 10,000 new members and followers come on board.  We now have over 320,000 Facebook friends and headed towards a million 


The A-team is hard at work developing the BlockClaim™ ALPHA project and a new APP to keep everyone up-to-date with the tech and the crypto


We all know the Crypto marketplace is nascent. Soon, ASTRcoin™ will be on many exchanges.  

Latest News

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Medium Article 2018

Is Space Singing?

“twinkle, twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are …"

Oh! To listen to the vibes of Space and the potential it begets, is but one of our responses to the clarion call. Many other like-minded individuals are hearing the call and are preparing for the adventure. Almost daily the news tells of another story as individuals, governments and people become part of the exploration and rewards to be sought and found.

July 2019


Just how much is this?

It is hard to imagine the abundance that surrounds us. To give you a simple picture that we may be able to conceptualize, it is estimated that all the particles of sand on all the beaches, oceans and desserts equal 7.5 Quintilian particles.

July 2019


About 50 years ago, in an age of anticipation and remarkable achievements, a man stepped out of a spacecraft and on to the moon. That spacecraft was quite antiquated by today’s standards, making it all the more momentous. It was a singular act, somewhat courageous, quite exceptional and distinguished. It was, and remains a marker, gilt-edged, and made those who took the journey, famous. It was estimated that over 600,000 million people looked on at the first moon landing from around the world. Back then we’d call it “cool” and today we may call it “sick”, but whatever the terminology we all realize that an adventure had begun. It proved that space may be ours!