Exchange Listing Project


We are presently listed on EtherDelta and Yobit

(You may follow the quote on BlockFolio; Download BlockFolio from your favorite app store; Youbit.net online exchange)


In Mid-April we will be listed on BlockBid (click on the pic above for more info)


Asteroid Ltd. and the ASTRcoin® is in talks with several other exchanges.  The landscape of Cryptocurrencies are changing daily and as such we are negotiating with exchanges with certain international reach.

Alpha Edition BlockClaim™ Project


The A-team is diligently working on the ALPHA edition of the BlockClaim™ interface. 


All participants in the ICO will be given the first right to make a BlockClaim™.


A few simple steps will be necessary and a feedback mechanism to ensure stability and ease of use will be implemented. 

Asteroid APP Project

Concurrently, the A-team is working on an APP, similar to FlipBoard, which will give a member up-to-date information on Asteroid Mining, Space Exploration and BlockClaim™ information. 

Beyond this, the APP will provide certain Crypto coin quotes and allow quick access to purchase a BlockClaim™ as desired.

The A-Team is Hard at Work for You!


Space is our frontier and we all need to join together and make our collective voice known.  It is our destiny and our delight.  Join us in the quest ...