Is Space Singing?

“twinkle, twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are…”

Some would say that Space has always beckoned them.

Some would say the Space is the “Sound of Silence”.

Some would say that humankind is on the verge of the most audacious adventure ever, if we listen to the song.

Space is the final frontier, full of wonderment, full of adventure, full of hopes and dreams, full a danger and the unknown, full of vastness and a quest of indeterminable proportions.

And yet for all its unknowns, it seems closer now than at anytime in history.

The question then presents itself, what does all of this have to do with me?

Am I a part of this adventure, this change, this otherworldly event?

Am I “in tune” with Space.

Does Space have a musical “genre” like Country Music or the Blues or Jazz or Rock? And, concurrent with that thought, is it “singing” to me?

We firmly believe Space is singing for sure…

Its tone is deep and vibrant and getting louder by the minute, the hour, the day and of course the night. And while this metaphor is simplistic it is also sublime. It calls to us, this Space and says how shall we, each of us partake.

Shall you be the adventurer yourself? Shall we be the off-world custodians of the new and the undiscovered? Shall we prepare our children and grandchildren to be those who participate in the new “music of the cosmos”? What part shall we play?

Oh! to listen to the “vibes” of Space and the potential it begets is but one of our responses to the clarion call. Many other like-minded individuals are hearing the call and are preparing for the adventure. Almost daily the news tells of another story as individuals, governments and people becoming part of the exploration and rewards to be sought and found.

In a sense we all claim a certain music to ourselves, we think of the song when we met our first love, the music we enjoy that motivates us, that soothes us that finds its way in the crevices and folds of our minds and soul and become us.

There are certain individuals who will and are hearing, this the music of Space itself, and are called to it, are mesmerized by it, and are hopeful in it and see with the imagination what could and must be.

It is to these we make our plea, those, the millions of us that see Space as not only the final frontier, but the game changer, where sovereignty, wealth, position and power should have little sway. Where humankind joins together to subdue the vast opportunity Space provides. Where, each of us, with simple common sense, require that Space be shared by all.

These words are mighty and high sounding but nonetheless true. We must and will claim Space as ours, those of us who listen to the sound and dance to the music that the Stars themselves bow and courtesy too!

If there be a destiny and a desire within us then now is this time to make our voice heard among the many voices.

Maybe, just maybe, we may sing with the Stars ourselves and become part of the revolution that shall change forever how true wealth should and could be shared. There is more than plenty to go around. Remember, ours mothers always taught us to share,but to share we must claim what is ours and then help others to do the same.

We might just change the world, you and I as we “Reach for the Stars and Make Them Ours!”

The A-Team