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ASTR is well-positioned to become “The Bitcoin of Space”.  Everyone is waiting for the next coin to break-out.  Theoretically, you’ll need a token that has a significant use case, affording many buyers an opportunity to engage with the coin, a significant potential asset backing and a sustainable growth potential now and in the future.  We believe ASTR “clicks” all these boxes. 


Of course, it is for you to decide, but then, when Bitcoin was at $.10 who would have believed $10.00 and then at $100.00, who would have believed  $1,000.00 and of course at a $1,000.00 who would have believed $10,000.00. 


Take a bit of time, from your busy schedule, to discover for yourself what ASTR may become.  This is about you, and us and them. 


Space is ours!  Let us join together in this newest of adventures. 


*The Cryptocurreny markets are very fungible, and sometimes volatile.  These comments are meant as a guide. Please refer to your favourite crypto quoting software.

Got Questions?

The A-Team stands ready to help ...  Send us a message to


Space is Ours!

We believe everyone should make their claim to the inestimable value of Space. It is truly the next financial revolution. It is time to combine the genius of Cryptocurrency with the immutable ledger of a BlockClaim™.   

The Outer Space Treaty guarantees us this right, and blockchain technology gives us the method.  

Join with the many and most, and become a part of history as we ALL reach to the Stars.

Safe & Secure

We are writing code to ensure your BlockClaim™ is kept in an immutable record for you and your posterity

Mobile Apps

Look for our new apps and be sure to share!


We will suggest wallets to keep your ASTRcoin® secure

Community Support

The A-Team is helping the community understand the importance of our objectives and newbies are always welcome

Instant Exchange

We will help you learn how to use the exchange to convert into your favorite 'fiat' currency

Learning How

We will help you learn how to use the new currency to achieve your goals for you and your family